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REX is...

…a network of independent business partners, i.e. freelance recruiters who, together with the Antal team, carry out the most difficult recruitment processes anywhere in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

This is how the REX platform works

It is a marketplace where you can submit any project and we will implement it right away. From our entire community, we will select people who know your industry, the specifics of your location and who have access to the candidates you are looking for.

What makes us different?

ReX is not just about recruitment. We unlock potential by building an international network of freelancers who, through the synergy of competence, technology and networking, will enable our clients to develop, thrive and prosper anytime and anywhere in the world. An innovative business model, time efficiency, thousands of online candidates, professional recruiters, reduced costs and maximum reach are what make ReX stand out from other crowdstaffing platforms. The synergy of the ReX community with new technologies and Antal’s experience means that we can handle any HR project for your company.

With a success rate of 83%,we can claim that this is a real ReXruitment Revolution

Crowdstaffing - a new dimension of recruitment!

This is the most efficient and cost-effective method of sourcing candidates.
It is fully customised to the client’s needs and budget and its main advantage is time saving.

Hires per year
Professional recruiters
An %
Success rate
Average project completion time
What I hoped for when choosing the ReX platform was to save time and get the job done efficiently – and I was very satisfied. Digital solutions are fast and precise.

Adam Huchwajda
Dyrektor Operacyjny / Operations Director
Bestem Sp. z o.o.

Recruiting with REX is...


Being so close to the market and candidates, we know them inside out: we do not have to resort to direct search methods…


A large network of freelancers and partner recruitment companies brought together in one place...


We work with reliable and highly qualified people who are scattered all over the country, thanks to whom we manage to have local insight.


We have the ability to carry out even the most demanding and complex projects, and always provide the highest quality of services.

and... simple


Project submission
by the customer.

You send us a job description of one or several staff positions – in response, the REX Project Manager discusses the project with you and we kick it off.


Handover and project

The project is handed over to a network of professional recruiters who start implementing the project immediately.


Candidates’ CVs
in your inbox.

After a few/dozen days, you receive candidates’ verified job applications.

Comparison of different types of recruitment models.

 Traditional recruitment Cooperation with REX
Average price per recruitment process4 400 EUR1 500 EUR
Number of candidates3 to 58 to 10
Average recruitment time 4 weeks 7 days
Recruitment catchment areaDepends on a recruitment officePoland, Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary

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5000 EUR

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Karolina - Senior Java Developer
- price of the recruitment process: 3 500 EUR

a mentor and systems architect

Senior Java Developer

A mentor and systems architect. The operational mastermind and the prime mover of the project, responsible for selecting appropriate technologies and for developing a plan for their implementation and integration.

ReX Team acquires a candidate for 3 500 EUR.

Krzysztof – Computer Vision Engineer
– price of the recruitment process: 4 000 EUR.

A cutting edge artificial intelligence technology operator

Computer Vision Engineer

Otherwise known as a machine learning engineer. The person in this position is responsible for applying cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies for modelling, forecasting or decision-making by machines, e.g. speech recognition, automatic vehicle control or very popular smart home solutions.

We usually recruit candidates for this position in Warsaw at a price of approximately 4 000 EUR.

Magda - Customer Service with French (SSC)
– price of the recruitment process: 1 400 EUR.

Direct cooperation with customers, knowledge of French language.

Customer Service Specialist with French (SSC)

The person in this position is responsible for direct cooperation with customers (in order to place orders, issue invoices, perform debt collection services) and customer service. This offer is unique because a minimum B2 level of French is required.

ReX Team acquires such specialists for 1 400 EUR.

Damian - Product Engineer
– price of the recruitment process: 2 000 EUR.

Product and production process designer

Product Engineer

Specialises in designing products and their respective production processes. He is also responsible for the transition of a product from the design stage to large-scale production stage. Virtually every industry that manufactures products for sale must employ product engineers. Their work environment is usually in the manufacturing plant or in the company office where they work on projects and meet with stakeholders.

ReX Team acquires such a candidate for 2 000 EUR.

As part of our cooperation

we offer you the support of a Consultant who is in touch with you and a team of freelancers recruiting for you.

You receive only selected candidates’ profiles and pay only if you decide to hire the selected person. The final outcome is the acquisition of a candidate with whom you can develop your business…

I hereby confirm the reliability and recommend using the services of the ReX recruitment platform. During our cooperation, I could count on full professionalism and great commitment on the part of the freelance recruiter. Within two weeks, I was presented with candidates’ profiles perfectly matching my expectations. Additionally, flexible terms and conditions of the ReX platform contract were encouraging for me to choose the ReX services. Our cooperation was very satisfactory and allows me to assess ReX as a trustworthy and recommendable partner.

Katarzyna Chełchowska
Quantum Katarzyna Chełchowska

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