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Rex is an innovative crowdstaffing platform that connects clients, recruiters and candidates. ReX Recruiters can carry out even the most non-standard of recruitment processes. We respond to the clients’ needs and prove that recruitment has never been so simple!

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Recruitment with ReX is:


Projects are performed by recruiters who know the client’s sector and location, allowing them to deliver well-matched candidates


The cost of recruitment is 50% lower on average and the settlement model is beneficial for the client, who pays only for the employed candidates


We associate hundreds of recruiters, take action immediately and quickly provide the client with the first candidates


ReX Recruiters work in many different locations in several countries, meaning they have broad access to candidates

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The Rex platform is based on the strength of the Antal brand. With more than 25 years of experience, the best experts and a guarantee of the highest quality.

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Our ReX Recruiters can find employees for you anywhere in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary!


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How do we operate?


Submission of the project
by the client

We care about your time, so you do not have to register anywhere. Just send us the description of the position and answer some simple questions.


Selection of recruiters
and immediate commencement of actions

You gain access to highly qualified ReX Recruiters who know the specific nature of your sector and location, thanks to which they can provide well-matched candidates. The recruiters take action right away.


Delivering candidates
and project settlements

Within a few days you receive the first CVs of well-matched candidates. You pay us only if you employ a recommended candidate. Our conditions are all transparent and you do not incur any hidden costs.

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Comparison of recruitment models

 Traditional recruitmentCooperation with Rex
Average price for the recruitment20 000 PLN7 000 PLN
Number of candidates3 to 58 to 10
Average time for the recruitment4 weeks14 days
ReachDepending on the officeUnlimited reach

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They have already experienced ReXvolution

“I came to the REX platform for a while but stayed for longer. My adventure has been going on for more than half a year. That’s a lot of time in which I’ve been able to participate in numerous projects from different industries. I’ve had great experience, excellent cooperation and communication with Rex Leaders!

Mateusz Biegała

I’ve been cooperating with the ReX platform since the autumn of 2020. It gives me the opportunity to choose projects that interest me in specific areas. Using my previous experience and skills in this work, I’ve gained many new ones. Thus, the ReX platform provides opportunities for development, which only need to be properly used. In addition, working with a professional team in a unique atmosphere gives me a lot of satisfaction and joy. Highly recommended!

Wojciech Chróściński

of projects

ReX Recruiters can carry out even the most difficult of recruitment processes.
Our community comprises experts specialising in all sectors. We can find an employee for you,
whether you need 1, 10 or 100 people for your team.

Junior Accountant

Responsible for monthly financial statements, settlements with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Central Statistical Office (GUS) and Tax Office, payroll, settlement of employees, archiving of documentation, work with programs: Płatnik and Progmann – Kadry, Przelewy.

We usually recruit candidates for this position in Poznań, Wrocław and Warsaw for approx. PLN 7,000.

Monika – Junior Accountant – Recruitment price – PLN 7,000

Accounting and HR matters of companies applying full and simplified accounting.

Anna, CS with Slovenian

Responsible for comprehensive service of the online store’s orders and complaints. Phone and e-mail service for Slovenian clients, advice on the product offered.

We usually recruit candidates for this position in Warsaw for approx. PLN 8,500.

Anna, CS with Slovenian – Recruitment price – PLN 8,500

Contact by e-mail and phone with clients that have bought the client’s product.

People Advisor

Also called a HR specialist. Responsible for the entire cycle of hiring an employee and advice on the labour law.

We usually recruit candidates for this position in Warsaw for approx. PLN 17,000.

Urszula – People Advisor – Recruitment price: PLN 17,000.

Support for employees in administrative and HR matters.

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Download the Antal report published in cooperation with ReX "Trends in the recruitment of professionals and managers" and find out the latest survey results, as well as comments from experts!


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